With Stained Glass by Margaret
Call: 020 8441 0284
One of the stained glass artwork projects that I enjoy above others is turning children’s drawings and paintings into “keep for ever” stained glass pictures.


If your child has produced that work of art that you would like to treasure or give as an unique gift to grandparents, aunts or uncles, then this is a way to have something  that will last a lifetime.


All you need to do is email me a photo or scan of the picture or post me a photocopy and I will be able to quote a price. The cost will depend on size and complexity of design. As an average price an A4 picture would be between £50 -£100 and an A3 picture would be around £80 – £150.

Each picture would be framed. 

Little changes may have to be made but these will be minor and not alter the overall effect of the picture. Colours will be matched as near as possible.